Saturday, August 24, 2019


Welcome Nurses

Generous Salaries
If you are like most Scandinavian nurses you feel that your college investment, hard work and expertise should be rewarded financially, with the opportunity for advancement in your field. NordicMed offers you the prospect of employment in the United States with salaries much greater than those offered in Scandinavia. You will finally be fairly compensated for your talent and hard work. We also offer you free continuing education to satisfy your nursing requirements and advance your career. We will provide the best possible support for you before and during your stay in the U.S. NordicMed invites you to accept the challenge to move to the United States and expand your opportunities and experience.

Choice of Location
NordicMed provides employment opportunities throughout the United States with a primary focus in the Northeast and Florida regions. If you require employment outside of the Northeast and Florida regions NordicMed will assist you in obtaining employment through our recruitment placement program where we will establish hospital contacts for you and set-up interviews with the hospital recruiters.  In addition, we will provide salary information to you regarding the going rate; for nurses in your field. There is NO FEE for this service.

Financial Compensation
You pay us nothing since you will be an employee of NordicMed. We will pay for your travel to the United States, housing, legal immigration fees, INS application fees, sponsor and pay for your green card, provide health, dental and liability insurance, and pay you a salary far higher than the average Scandinavian hospital.

Our Pledge of Support
We guarantee that you will not be alone in planning your move- we will support you from beginning to end. As Scandinavians, we at NordicMed understand the particular concerns of nurses from the Nordic countries. Prior to your arrival in the United States NordicMed will schedule an appointment with you to provide you with help regarding orientation (visas, employment forms, etc.) and relocation advice, as well as assist you in finding and paying for housing. In addition, we offer social support by connecting you with Scandinavian organizations, stores, restaurants, holiday events, etc. in your local area, should you get a little home sick. Once you are employed by NordicMed in the U.S. we will provide you with a mobile phone and a 24 hour access number in case you have any problems, either on or off work.